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  The design uses two elements common in the pulp and paper industry – paper and trees. In the center of the logo, three pieces of paper overlap each other and create the image of a tree. It indicates the fully-integrated green-cycle of forestry, pulp and paper. The corner of one piece of paper rolls upward, symbolizing that APP-China is opening a new chapter in China’s paper-making history by introducing sustainable practices to the industry. This postmark or official seal looking logo represents our solemn commitment.

 Paper is a cornerstone of the Chinese civilization and current economic development. From classrooms to the boardroom, our products underpin knowledge sharing and collaboration between people, both essential processes for China’s on-going development. We therefore recognize our added responsibility to ensure our business activities are well managed in respect to China’s environment and society.

 At APP China, we enthusiastically support China’s goal to align its economy with the principles of sustainable and harmonious development. In policy and in practice, we are committed to meeting all compliance standards set by relevant Chinese laws and regulations. It is from this commitment to environmental and social responsibility that we have drafted the “Paper Contract with China”.

 Currently, the average person in China consumes approximately 50 kg of paper per year. Compared to most developed countries, this is relatively modest. But the Chinese consumer-driven economy is growing fast. From 2000-2006, paper product consumption increased by 84.61% and, as the country continues to develop, the annual demand for paper is expected to reach 85 million tonnes by 2010. Before long, China’s 1.3 billion-strong population is expected to consume paper products at rates similar to the United States, where the average person consumes a staggering amount of paper products: more than 300 kg a year.[1]

 Paper-making is an energy and waste-intensive process that is traditionally regarded as a heavily polluting industry. In 2007, the wastewater discharge and Chemical Oxygen Demand(COD)[2]of the China papermaking industry comprised 17% and 35.2%, respectively of the total domestic industrial wastewater discharge and COD emissions. To protect the Chinese and global environment from these environmental and economic challenges, the China paper Industry needs to commit to responsibly managed and sustainable plantation and paper-making operations.

 APP China employees will participate in all environmental and sustainability development activities as part of the implementation of the Paper Contract with China Program. APP China, the company’s leadership and its 28,000 associates in China are committed to making paper in a sustainable and responsible way. As such, the company promises to work hand-in-hand with Chinese governments at all levels and Chinese people to ensure a future that allows for sustainable growth: meeting increased demands while working to ensure a better environment for tomorrow.
[1].Source from 2007 China Papermaking Industry Report
[2].Chemical Oxygen Demand measurement is used to indirectly measure the amount of organic compounds in water and the amount of organic pollutants found in surface water (e.g. lakes and rivers).

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