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 The Largest Supplier With Wide Range Of Paper Products In China.

      Gold HuaSheng Paper Co(Suzhou Industrial Park) established in May 1996 is a USD$1.4 billion investment by Asia Pulp and Paper, making it one of the largest paper mill in China, occupying 260 hectares of China and Singapore’s joint venture industrial park. GHS is blessed with a beautiful landscape convenient traffic, and more than 3000 people strong workforce. GHS is located in China’s most bustling triangle area of Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Shanghai. Further enhanced by the many water channels and well constructed roads to service the industrial area. GHS also boasts a privately owned coal power plant, making the mill self sufficient and also a private harbor area for raw materials transportation. As of current, GHS’ production capacity is 550000MT, and plans area already underway to bring, this number to 1 million MT by 2010. GHS’s products which includes carbonless paper, office paper, uncoated and coated woodfree have achieved international standard relying on excellent personnel and most advanced research and development.
      While still maintaining its responsibility to the environment. Over the period 10 years, GHS has already become one of the centers of Asia’s paper industry and the largest paper mill with the widest range of paper products in China. GHS has already transformed the traditional Chinese paper mill to one of China’s most advanced facility.
      To provide quality assurance to our worldwide customers. GHS has implemented a technologically advanced and complete solution using ABB, Distributed Control System (DCS), Quality Control System (QCS) and detailed inspection process to ensure that every Sheet or roll of paper is up to customer’s expectation. Further, the performance of our paper is continuously tested and improved using ISO standard and certified testing equipment. As a result of this, GHS in July 2000 has obtained ISO9001 quality management certification and is continuously pursuing excellence in paper technology and development. Currently, the research and development team is equipped with a library, an integrated IT system and an international standard laboratory facility to support the nurturing of both professional and newly recruited talents. Additionally, to continuously improve manufacturing process, cooperative efforts are made with top universities in China as well as search centers for chemical processing. Throughout all these, we aim to provide our customers imported quality paper with the best value in the market. To fulfill our ambition to replace imported paper and service the China market, we have arranged our product line up to suit customers’ demand, most notable and well accepted brands include Impression, Record and Nevia. To ensure each customer is satisfied with our service, GHS emphasizes every employee should do their best to solve every problem to deal professionally in every conversation and to look after their customers’ needs everyday.
      Upon entering company facility, you are welcome with well organized roads lush greenery, clean and tidy environment and while still able to see the busting activity of a paper manufacturing mill. Being an international firm, GHS is actively undertaking environment conservation and energy saving projects. Using PDCA circulating management system, GHS promotes the use of environmentally safe chemicals energy conversation policies both in the production as well as the office area, and thus is finally awarded with ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate as well as PEFC China of Custody. Corporate culture is the most important strength of the company, GHS believes in people as its foundation to create a harmonious environment to nurture and develop, young talents for the future developments of the company. Under the guidance of APP Group, GHS using its advanced paper making facility excellent personnel and strong supporting business channels has been making significant contributions to both the country as well as achieving international recognition worldwide.

    We believe in the “Green Economy”.
    We use technology and innovation to meticulously produce every sheet of paper.

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